What is this program?
Each year, for the last 16, religious school school families gather at homes to help a family build a sukkah.

Why do we do this?
A few reasons ..
1) we can't really have class as many of the classrooms are still set for the "Holy Days"
2) a sukkah is a "home" ritual and so we're delighted to build and decorate at a home, rather than at Beth Meyer
3) to help families socialize a bit - welcome in new families, meet other families with kids of similar ages

Who is invited??
All children in grades kindergarten - 5th grade . . and their families!
(the 6th grade will build a sukkah at The Heritage on Sunday, Oct 12 and the 7th grade will build one at Rabbi Solomon's on the 12th)

When is the program??
Sunday, Oct 5 from 10 until noon

Where is the program?
It will be at someone's home

How will I get info about where to go?
We will be sending you this info between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

What do I have to do when I get there?
It's different at every house! At some, you'll help to build the sukkah. At others, the sukkah may be built and you'll help decorate. There will be a teacher at each house who will, at some point, conduct a small lesson.

Do I need to bring anything?
Your host will contact you about specifics. They might need things like - scissors, construction paper, hammers, branches, paper goods for snack, bagels, juice . . .

What if I don't go to the program?
We hope you will join us - but please note that this program is in lieu of class - there is no class that morning at Beth Meyer

What if I have more questions?
:) Just call or e-mail the school office!