17th annual Sukkah Building Program for kindergarten through 5th grade!Sukkah.gif

Sunday, September 27 (in lieu of regular classes!)

Our "evite" for the annual sukkah building program was sent - please look for it and respond by Monday, Sept 21. (if you did not get the evite - please contact the school office).

Details about the program (who is going where) will be posted by September 22.

New to our school? Read on for more info!

Every year, we gather at about 10 homes in our community to help build sukkot. Each family in the religious school either hosts a sukkah building - or is invited to a home to help. It's a fun, family project with several goals.
  1. To help fulfill the mitzvah (commandment) to build a sukkah
  2. To provide time for our families to socialize and get to know one another
  3. Due to the holiday set-ups - there is no room in the building to hold class!!!!!

The program runs from 10 am until noon on Sept 27. You will be invited to a home with other families who have children close to the ages of your children. You might be asked by the host to bring craft supplies, branches, or refreshments.

This is a fun day enjoyed by all - we hope you will be able to join us!