Shavuot - the often-overlooked Holiday

Shavuot often occurs in late May or even in early June - often when religious school classes are already finished - and certainly when all are busy with the closing of secular school (with end-of-year tests, band concerts, dance performances, etc).

Shavuot is "up there" with Pesah and Sukkot in the "ranking" of Jewish holidays. So why don't more people know about and celebrate this joyous holiday?

Well - for one, as mentioned above, religious school is often not in session so families may Judaism as "being on vacation."

Also - unlike Pesah and Sukkot - there is not a lot of hoopla with the holiday:
no seder
no building of a sukkah
and its only 2 days, not 8 like the others.

We encourage you to bring Shavuot to your homes! If you can't attend services, you can certainly learn about the holiday and embrace some of the customs.

The links below will give you all kinds of information about the holiday - and ideas for home activities! Enjoy!

For basic info about the holiday - click here - For all kinds of online activities, games and Shavuot resources - a word puzzle for Shavuot - games, recipes, mini-movies, and more!
For info about the Book of Ruth (which we read on Shavuot), click here