Soooooo many ways to celebrate!

Click here for a flier with all the info you'll need . . .or read below for details.

1) Hamantashen Baking Marathon!
Sunday, February 25
Join us for this annual event when we bake Hamantashen for the Beth Meyer festivities. Come anytime between noon - 5 pm on Sunday, March 5 and bake a batch. You can take half the batch home - and then leave the rest for us!
(hint - it's the most crowded at noon . . ). Click
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for a flier with the details.

2) Help Bag Mishlo'ah Manot!
Wednesday, February 21
Come to the Beit Am any time between 4 pm and 6:30 pm to help bag our Mishlo'ah Manot. Truly - it's fun- and parents and children-of-any-age are invited to help out!

3) Come to hear the Megillah Reading on Wednesday, February 28!
You have 2 options for this one.
The Family Service will be at 7:00 pm. While geared to families with young children, everyone has a great time at this abbreviated reading.
The full reading begins at 7:45 and, this year, we will present "Amy's Away - Let's All Get Crazy!" - fun for all! There is a contest for children and loads of fun and laughs.
Costumes are the appropriate attire for both!

4) Purimpalooza on Thursday, March 1!
EVERYONE should plan to join us. We'll have food trucks, music, crafts, games and more. Something for everyone. Come by anytime between 4 - 7 pm, have dinner, enjoy the magic and fun of Purim!

5) Send mishlo'ah manot
DEADLINE has passed. Contact the school office asap to see if you can still put in an order.