I've gone through my files and uploaded all kinds of information about Passover. Some of it is "recycled" from past years so it may look familiar. Take your time - explore - and help to make Passover a special holiday for you and your family!

Also - check your app store for all kinds of Passover prep tools including practice for the 4 Questions!

I. Beth Meyer Pesah Guide 5778 (will be updated as soon as the new guide arrives)
(all you wanted to know about getting ready for Pesah . . .
including, foods to eat, or not eat, how to sell your hametz, how to reserve seats for the community seder, and more . . .)

II. Websites with all kinds of resources:
  • I Left With Moses - a great site. Videos, articles and seder practice (like the 4 questions!). Click here.
  • From the creative folks at G-dcast - great apps, video and games. Click here.

III. Great resource sites with all kinds of ideas for your seder:

IV. Practicing the 4 Questions

For a youtube "karaoke" style edition, click here.

V. Songs from the seder that we review in our religious school
Seder songs

VI. Pesach Videos - Some old - some NEW!

VII. Some great websites
1) Uncle Eli’s Haggadah – if you haven’t seen it, this is a must – the Haggadah ala Dr. Suess type rhymes.

2) A Resource for all kinds of games

3) For adults AND kids - the is a general resource page

VIII. Some recipes.doc
Check out the Pistachio Cookies at the end of the doc - they are fabulous!

IX. Seder Bingo and Lingo!
Seder Bingo.pdf
Seder Lingo.pdf

X. and more . . .

Pesach Doesn't Just Happen.doc

Is the story true and does it matter.doc

Passover Curiosities.doc

Passover and Slavery in our time - making the Passover seder relevant to our times

Seder Ritual of Remembrance.doc

SEDER IN WARSAW - a story.doc

Some Pesach Humor.doc