Cathy Kaplan B'nei Torah Hebrew Class

Hello and welcome! Over the course of our year together, I will this space to post audio files and notes about material covered during each session. Ideally, you should be practicing Hebrew a few times each week. If you only look at it on Monday nights with me, your fluency will not improve. I also encourage you to attend services regularly.

So that we don't end up having to scroll a long distance to get to new posts, each post will be added to the TOP of the page, after the welcome paragraph. If you cannot access the audio files, let me know. It also may work more efficiently on a laptop or desktop, rather than a phone.

Feel free to contact me at any time. Best is email,, also cell phone is 919-418-1768. (Note: I do not have a texting plan!)

Looking forward to a great year, Cathy

October 21st
Goodness have I been a slacker! My apologies. Several recordings to follow.

Ma'ariv Aravim 1st half pg 36
Ma'ariv Aravim 2nd half pg 37
Yotzer Or pg 38
Ve'Ahavta pg 44
End of Sh'ma pg 49
Mi Chamocha 1st half pg 50
Mi Chamocha 2nd half pg 51
Avot v'Imahot pg 55
G'vurot pg 62

September 16th
We covered from page 10 through page 17. Here are some recordings for practice.
pg 13, line 1
pg 13, line 2
pg 13, line 3
pg 13, line 4
pg 13, line 5
pg 14
pg 17, Shabbat
pg 17, Holiday
pg 17, Shabbat and Holiday
pg 17, Hanukkah
pg 17, Havdalah

September 9th

We covered the first section of the book, up to Birkat HaMazon on page 9. Although I did not make recordings of the blessings, please review those as well.
Birkat HaMazon - text
Birkat HaMazon - tune