I'm going to start putting new additions at the top so you don't have to do a lot of scrolling to get to the most recent items.

From our last official class (<sniff>) on March 13th. Hatzi Kaddish, Kaddish Shalem and Family Blessings
Hatzi Kaddish.MP3
Kaddish Shalem.MP3
Family Blessings.MP3

From January 23rd. The beginning of the Amida. This includes the sections we studied on Monday and the end that we will review on Monday.

From January 9th. Several pages from Aleph Isn't Tough, both from chapter 9 and from chapter 10. BTW, it includes the last page of the book!

From December 12th. Recording of Ein Khamocha, also pg 3 from the new handout and a few pages from Aleph Isn't Tough.
Ein Kamocha.MP3
Torah pg3.MP3

From December 5th. A recording of Friday night Kiddush, found in your siddur on page 318.

These are recordings from Nov 21st and Nov 28th. I'm also adding some pages from chapter 7 in Aleph Isn't Tough,which you should review this week. They should mostly be familiar, lots of them are from prayers we have already studied.
Ahavat Olam.MP3
Ahava Rabbah-part one.MP3
Ahava Rabbah-part two.MP3
AIT-pg 68.MP3
AIT-pg 72.MP3
AIT-pg 73.MP3

Adding several things tonight. (Nov 15th) There are two recordings of ve'ahavta, one with the tune and one without. Also hashkivenu from the handout I gave you yesterday. I also added some reading exercises from Aleph Isn't Tough, both from chapter 4 and chapter 5.

Ve'ahavta with tune.MP3
Ve'ahavta no tune.MP3

From Monday, October 10th. I've broken the Aleinu reading into 5 parts to make it a bit easier to practice. This version is slightly different from the one in our siddur, but practice with this and we'll look at the differences next week.

AIT Oseh Shalom pg 16.MP3
AIT Shalom Aleichem pg 16.MP3
AIT Shalom Rav pg 16.MP3
Aleinu 1-12.MP3
Aleinu 13-23.MP3
Aleinu 24-34.MP3
Aleinu 35-44.MP3
Aleinu 45-48.MP3

This will be a work in progress, let me know what works and doesn't work for you. I'm going to separate the recording from Aleph Isnt' Tough (noted as AIT and then whatever pg it is) and the packets we are working on. Some things may be by page and some by individual reading, we'll have to see what works best. I'm also playing with a new voice recorder, so if the file type doesn't work for you, let me know. Not being a "techie" kind of person, I'm sure I've done something wrong!


AIT-pg8-candles.mp3 AIT-pg8-candles
AIT-pg8-Lchah Dodi.mp3 AIT-pg8-Lcha Dodi
AIT-pg8-Vshamru.mp3 AIT-pg8-Vshamru
AIT-pg-Vaychulu.mp3 AIT-pg8-Vaychulu

Vshamru-pg2.mp3 Vshamru-pg2
Vshamru-pg3.mp3 Vshamru-pg3
Vshamru-pg5.mp3 Vshamru-pg5

From Monday, October 3rd. Yom Kippur machzor. No cheating! Cover the transliterations. Use some time during services this weekend to practice your reading, even if it is slowly.

Kol Nidre.mp3 pg 398-Kol Nidre
Ashamnu.mp3 pg 434-Ashamnu
Al cheit.mp3 pg 436-Al cheit
V'al kulam.mp3 pg 436-V'al kulam
Ki Anu Amecha.mp3 pg 512-Ki Anu Amecha