Our pick-up and drop-off procedures are fairly straightforward and generally run very smoothly. Please read through the following to help us help your children.

- Please ALWAYS turn right into the first lot closest to the street and loop around to the pick up area.

- Please park your car in a space and walk up to our "parent containment area" if you . . .
  • have to get out of the car to help children with seat-belts, etc
  • have to "just run in to use the bathroom"
  • have to "just run in the office"
  • are in a rush to get somewhere after class
  • etc

- Please pull up to the farthest point (on weekdays - to the end of the "circle;" on Sundays - to the kitchen driveway). There will be teenagers there to direct you - please pay attention. Even for drop off - please do not stop in front of the door as there are often people waiting behind you.

- Picking up EARLY (before the end of school)
Please let the office know in advance. When you arrive, please park and come to the school office (2nd floor, end of the hall). We are not able to send your child out to you. Call us if you need to make special arrangements.

- Please know that we do everything we can to dismiss the children quickly and safely.