The success of our children's program on the High Holydays is completely dependent on you!

We, all of us together, will provide a safe place for your children and the children of our Beth Meyer community.
We need you to be flexible, assertive and welcoming!

I am in the Beit Am for much of the morning.

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early and stay until your replacement arrives.
  • Please make sure that every child gets a name tag. If there is no tag for a child, then they have not registered. You may allow them to stay but PLEASE DO NOT write out a name tag. If at all possible, remember the name and let me know at some point during or after the holiday so that I can contact that parent to take a volunteer slot.
  • You need to use your best parent/camp counselor/scout leader skills while in the room.
  • Your primary concern is for the safety and well-being of the children in your room
  • If teens who are not on the list to help show up in your room - please ask them to leave.
  • You are encouraged to . . .arrange simon sez, charades, 21 questions, organize the children to play board games, read a book to a group of (younger) children, etc etc.

When you arrive in your assigned room - PLEASE take a minute to read the directions posted in each room!!!!

For the most part, there is only one parent per room - but there will be teens there as well to assist you and, in many cases, to manage the activities. Please supervise them!!!

Shana tova.