Sharon's B'nai Mitzvah students can find recordings here:
Torah blessings--before.wma
Torah Blessings--after.wma
Trope notes in order (no melody).wma
Kaddish Shalem.MP3
Torah trope notes.wav
Torah trope variations column 1.wav
Torah trope variations column 2.wav
Torah trope variations column 3.wav
Haftarah blessing (before) (no melody).wma
Haftarah blessing before (fancy)
Haftarah blessing (before).wma
Haftarah_Trope--all_notes (1).wma
Haftarah Trope--fancy.wma
Haftarah trope notes.wav
Haftarah trope family variations column 1.wav
Haftarah trope family variations column 2.wav
Haftarah trope family variations column 3.wav
Haftarah after-blessing p 1.wav
Haftarah after-blessing p 2.wav
Haftarah trope families--fancy.wma
friday night kiddush.mp3

nishmat page 334.wav
Kulam Ahuvim page 344.wav

Torah service p 394.wav
torah service p 398.wav
torah blessing before.wav
torah blessing after.wav
haftarah blessing before.wav
Torah_service_p._422 (1).wav
musaf kedusha, p 432 in siddur.wav

Kaddish Shalem.MP3

Here is another recording of Kaddish Shalem (p. 506)--copy and paste into your browser
Ein Keiloheinu p 508.wav

Here is a link to a traditional Adon Olam melody:

Here is my recording of another version of Adon Olam:
Adon Olam p. 514.wav

One more version:
Adon Olam

jacob vs 20
[[file:Jacpb vs 21.wav|jacob vs 21]]
jacob vs 22
jacob vs 23
jacob vs 24
jacob vs 25
jacob vs 26
jacob vs 28 and 29
jacob vs 33-35

langdon vs 7
langdon vs 8
langdon vs 9
langdon vs 10